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Christian KUPFERBERG (1969) is one of the co-founding partners of SAVIGNY Law Firm.

Christian KUPFERBERG has a dual citizenship of both France and Germany, where he practices Law. Christian KUPFERBERG is registered at the Paris Bar since 1996. In addition, he is also a member of the Berlin Bar.

Christian KUPFERBERG, is an alumni of the « Haute Ecole des Avocats Conseils (HEDAC) », [the legal training school of Versailles Court of Appeal]. He holds a Masters in private international law from Paris I- Pantheon Sorbonne University, and a law degree in private international law, from Paris XI- Jean Monnet University.

After being a an associate in one of the leading law firms in Paris, which advises German clients in wide area of practice relating to their business activities, he became one of its key partners (2005-2012) before deciding to found his own Law Firm.

Christian KUPFERBERG is totally bilingual (French and German – mother tong), and very fluent in English.

Acting as legal counsel and litigation attorney mainly in Business Law, Mr. KUPFERBERG has an extensive experience in both Domestic and E.U. Business Laws, as well as in Private International Law. His core activity focuses on Contracts Law, Liabilities, Consumer Law and Distribution Law.

Within this context, Christian KUPFERBERG is particularly active in the areas of Compliance and Consumer Product Safety, as well as disputes related to Manufacturers’ Liability and Company Officers’ Liability. His area of practice also covers Insurance law and Bankruptcy Law.

Christian KUPFERBERG represents clients, both German and French corporations as well as insurance companies, before civil, commercial and criminal courts as well as arbitral tribunals. He also represents clients before the European Union Court of Justice.

Christian KUPFERBERG is the Vice-President of the French and German Lawyers Association and a member of the Deutsch-Französische Juristenvereinigung e.V. [German and French Lawyers Association].