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Claire MEUNIER: Claire MEUNIER is a lawyer who serves as an of-counsel at Savigny Law Firm.

Claire MEUNIER graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Bordeaux. She holds a Law Degree in Public Law and a Masters Degree in European Law from the Institute of European Studies from the University of Brussels.

Claire MEUNIER acquired a wide experience in the areas of Public Law and European Law.

She also provides lectures in the field of European Union Law as well as Public Business Law.

More specifically, Claire MEUNIER is responsible of our European and Public affairs department. She acts in the areas of free movement of goods within the EU and in State aids. Indeed, Claire MEUNIER has developed excellent skills in the field of public aid, in particular in State aids subject to the European Commission Control. In this respect, she can assist public entities in the notification procedures.

Having developed a skillful expertise in biotechnology and renewable energies, Claire MEUNIER has acts in numerous litigations involving both private companies and States, regarding the implementation of the precautionary principle, in particular in the field of GMOs and mad cow disease. She also conducts audits on behalf of public agencies to assess States intervention in the context of air protection, waste recycling or renewable energies.

Claire MEUNIER has acquired a diversified experience in public law, serving local authorities, public institutions and companies, especially banks. She advises public authorities, as well as enterprises, involved in public activities (Local authorities Law, urban planning, administration of public property, public procurement).

Claire MEUNIER is the General Secretary of the Association of European Lawyers and has participated as a national rapporteur at Conferences of the International Federation of European Law.


She is fluent in French and in English.