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Rana Chaaban

Rana CHAABAN (1975) is admitted to the Paris Bar as well as the Beirut Bar.

She is a Senior Lecturer at the Maine University Rana CHAABAN has a PhD in Private Law (Paris II – Panthéon-ASSAS University) and holds a Masters in Private General Law (Paris II – Panthéon-ASSAS University) and a Law Degree in Private Law.

She teaches Insurance Law, Corporate Law, and International Arbitration at the Maine University, as well as Labour Law and European Business Law at the Sorbonne University.

She has published many books and articles concerning Contracts Law and International Arbitration. She is also the author of a well-known book, “The Caducity of Contracts” that has won many awards in Beirut and France (Prix de l’Académie des sciences morales et politiques). She regularly publishes articles relevant to Arbitration in Arab countries such as Qatar and Dubai. Rana CHAABAN is trilingual (Arabic, French and English), and is fluent in Spanish.

Rana CHAABAN’s act as a legal counsel and a litigator. Her areas of concentration include International Arbitration, Contracts Law, and Labour Law disputes.

She also assists Arab clients in a wide variety of regulatory matters and business transactions including Sale and Purchase Agreements, inheritance issues and companies constitutions and management (shareholders’ agreement, tax saving schemes etc.).