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Stephan REIFEGERSTE (1968) is one of the co-founding partners of SAVIGNY Law Firm and is admitted to the Paris Bar He is a Senior Lecturer at the Maine University.

Stephan REIFEGERSTE has a PhD in Private Law (Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne University), holds a Masters in Contracts Law (Paris XI University) and alaw degree in Private Law.

For many years, Stephan REIFEGERSTE has practised as a lawyer and a consultant in Business Law for various renowned Parisian Law Firms. He teaches Law at the Maine University and Sciences-Po PARIS. He is also a member of the Business Law commission of the PARIS Bar Council.

Stephan REIFEGERSTE is bilingual (French and German), and is fluent in English. As an academic, he has published extensively, mainly in Business Law and in Corporate Law.

Stephan REIFEGERSTE is a legal counsel and a litigator. He advices and represents clients in disputes relevant to Business Law, Contracts Law and Civil Liability Law, Corporate law, Bankruptcy Law as well as Intellectual Property law and Construction law. He also handles cases relating to Criminal Business law such asmisuse of corporate funds, insider trading, offence of favouritism.