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Our firm was initially founded by two highly qualified German attorneys who were partners in renowned law firms in Paris, specialized in business law. Since then, SAVIGNY Law Firm has been joined in partnership by an Arab lawyer specialized in international arbitration. Today the firm includes amongst its team experts in Public Law and European Law.

We have built our firm on a durable foundation that relies on using our extensive experience and resources to achieve justice for our clients at trial and to assist them in a variety of practice areas, including public law, business law, and commercial litigation and arbitration.

In addition to the Paris Bar, the partners of our Firm are also registered either at the Berlin Bar or at the Beirut Bar. Our attorneys provide professional legal advice and adequate legal representation before courts and/or arbitral tribunals in a broad variety of matters for private economic players as well as public agents. Today, we are proud that our clients in the private sector range from medium sized businesses to multinational corporations, including senior officers, managers and large insurance companies. As for the public sector, among our clients are several local authorities as well as public institutions and governmental entities.
Our attorneys are all trilingual (French, English and German/Arabic/Spanish), and share their extensive experience in each of their areas of practice. This has enabled SAVIGNY Law Firm to develop, in France, Germany and the Middle East, a unique and

cross-functional expertise in Private and Public Business Law.

Our attorneys provide legal representation before courts in civil, commercial and criminal disputes. They also represent our clients before administrative courts, independent administrative authorities (such as the Competition Authority, ARJEL, AMF, CNIL and CSA) as well as arbitral tribunals in both domestic and international arbitration relevant to either commercial or construction disputes (FIDIC arbitration).
They also represent our clients before European Courts of Justice such (European Tribunal and Court of Justice of the European Union, specialized courts and administrative bodies of the Union) as well as national courts of several European countries (such Belgium courts, Luxembourgian Courts, German Courts…).
Further more, SAVIGNY Law Firm keeps privileged relationships with Faculties of Law, where a part of the team gives lectures. Therefore, the firm is able to make a concerted effort with its academic experts, each of which is a recognized specialist in his/her field thus delivering the best innovative solutions to its clients.

The Partners

Rana Chaaban
Rana Chaaban

Of Counsel

Amongst its permanent members, SAVIGNY Law Firm includes “of counsel” lawyers:
Anne-Marie LUCIANI
Anne-Marie LUCIANI

Our Partner

For tax law issues, Savigny Law Firm works closely with Harmony,
a firm specialized in corporate and executive taxation.



Proximity & Availability – SAVIGNY Law Firm advises and assists its clients in both private and public law. The firm also acts on behalf of its clients carrying out businesses abroad, namely in Arab tax-free zones (offshores in Lebanon, LLC in Dubai…) or European ones (Luxembourg, Lichtenstein…). To this end, our lawyers closely follow their clients’ current needs and are ready to act alongside them to ensure they can design together the most responsive legal strategies and structure insightful projects.


Diligence & Creativity – With our flexibility and ability to adapt to our clients’ requests, associated with a skilled expertise and a complete mastery of the matter, we pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to the particular needs of each client and each case.We examine and process carefully our clients’ cases and design the best solutions meticulously. Our thoughtful team always goes beyond the most commonly adopted solutions.  Creativity is embedded in our culture to the extent that it enhances our clients’ legal security and better serves their interests.


Independence & Transparency – When handling a case, we consider both the pros and cons and the strengths and weaknesses, in order to optimize our client’ chances of success. Our best ideas are the result of a candid dialogue and a constant communication with our clients. We believe that trust lies at the heart of our relationship with our clients, and we always find ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.


The firm’s skills cover all matters related to private and public business law. The Firm’s partners, each with a wealth of experience in their respective fields, act as priority contacts with the clients in the following areas:

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Banking Law, Guarantees and Debt Collection

Our lawyers practice focuses on banker’s liability, in particular in cases of wrongful termination of contractor abusive credit transactions. They also assist our clients in civil and commercial debts collection.

Bankruptcy Law

With a significant experience and the ability to resolve problems related to insolvency procedure, we tackle all issues related to insolvency. As a result, weadvise and support our clients by selecting appropriate approaches to handle and manage businesses difficulties such as provisional administration, ad hoc assignment proceedings, conciliation, safeguarding proceedings, business recovery, as well as restructuring, transfer or winding-up proceedingsthat are likely to be taken during such proceedings.

In this respect, our firm stands alongside senior executives and defends their interests if they become liable for inadequacy of assets, or personally bankrupt or are banned from directing, managing, administering or controlling an enterprise or when they are subject to criminal proceedings.

Commercial Contracts, Competition and Distribution

SAVIGNY’s attorneysprovide assistance in Distribution and Competition law and offer support in the negotiation process, the drafting of distribution contracts and the organisation and restructuring of distribution networks. Furthermore, the firm sets itself apart by its unique expertise in the field of Competition law (cartels, abuse of a dominant position, termination of business relations, and unfair competition).

Civil and Criminal Liability

One of SAVIGNY Law Firm core practice area deals with legal advice and representation in civil (professional, contractual, or tort liability) and criminal liability.  Indeed, in the course of their business, companies and directors’ decisions may give rise to liability vis-à-vis their contractual partners and/or third parties. Similarly, due to the increasingly complex regulations, economic players are often exposed to the risk of non-compliance. In this respect, SAVIGNY Law Firm is regularly involved in matters of Compliance and Consumer Product Safety, as well as Manufacturers’ Liability. 

Corporate Law

Our firm provides French and foreign clients with the assistance they need with regards to their business developments. The firm provides legal advises in selecting the most appropriate legal structure to conduct a business,taking into account tax optimization. Afterwards, our team drafts the Articles of Incorporation and proceeds with the registration. Furthermore, our legal services also extend to restructuring operations (mergers acquisitions transactions, drafting warranties agreements, business transfers …), acquisitions (financing, issuance of all types of securities…) as well as sale and purchase of shares and assets.

Our team namely advises the shareholders and directors on corporate governance issues and policies. Our attorneys also provide assistance in legal proceedings or amicable settlements in case of disputes between shareholders involving senior executives and directors. Furthermore, our team also handles any litigation arising in connection with the enforcement of purchase of shares, including implementation of warranties agreements.

Internationally, our lawyers advise and assist French businesses wishing to grow their businesses in Europe, the Middle East and some North African countries. Reciprocally, our lawyers can also assist private German economic players which seek to extend their activities in France.

Criminal Law

SAVIGNY Law Firm has developed special expertise in criminal business law and supports its clients, directors, public institutions or companies, elected representatives and senior officials before criminal courts. We represent clients in proceedings regarding economic and financial offences such as misuse of corporate assets, misappropriation of public assets, unlawful taking of interests, breach of trust, misleading advertising or restrictive trade practices. SAVIGNY’s lawyers also handle cases before Independent Administrative Authorities entrusted with disciplinary powers (Competition Authority and Financial Market Authority, French Online Gambling Regulatory Authority, CNIL –the French authority vested with data protection- etc.).

Industrial and Intellectual Property

Trademark protection allows effective protection since they grant the owner of the trademark exclusive rights relating to its products and services. Renowned  trademarks are the result of sustained efforts and need to be efficiently protected against forgery and unlawful copying. In this respect, our lawyers’ expertise enables us to ensure the effective safeguarding of trademark rights, either through cooperation with the investigating and prosecuting authorities or through appropriate judicial proceedings.

Labour Law

Nowadays, Employment-related disputes are of increasing importance, namely with regard to financial consequences related to industrial tribunal litigations. SAVIGNY Law Firm consequently offers a wide range of skills that allows us to assist clients in both upstream and downstreamfrom drafting employment agreements and secondment agreements, ensuring restructuring operations and job-saving plans involved in such litigations, to standing alongside our clients to assist them when litigation must be brought before courts.

Personal rights

SAVIGNY Law Firm assists individuals wishing to control use of their image and to maintain their privacy. Libel suits, press offences proceedings, and lawsuits against breaches of privacy completed via Internet, constitute our core activity in this area. Dissemination of information and images has no boundaries. Consequently, we act internationally to protect individual rights that require actions in various countries where the hosts sites are located.

International Litigation and Arbitration

Thanks to its dual French and German/or Arabic legal culture and given its presence in abroad, SAVIGNY Law Firm is highly skilled to address international issues and more particularly in Franco-German relations.

Our trilingual attorneys (French, German/Arabic and English) have extensive experience in international commerce agreements, international arbitration and generally in private international law issues. They have wide experience in resolving both domestic and international disputes opposing clients engaged in cross-border transactions.

Our arbitration team possesses significant knowledge of arbitration institutions (ICC, LICA…), and applicable rules and regulations (such as FIDIC) and regularly handles international disputes under the laws of various European or Arab countries. Our team is particularly skillful at evaluating the interaction between applicable laws, and international/European treaties and conventions, and can evaluate the importance of these components on the outcome of the dispute as well as the enforcement of awards.



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